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Norscot was established in Mumbai, India as a Consultancy Firm to provide drilling supervision, Contract Management and Rig Project Management to Oil Companies and various Drilling Contractors world wide.

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Our Services

Integrated Project Management

Well Construction Project Management (WCPM) – Preparation. View More...

Our well construction and completion project team encompasses a wide range of disciplines and job functions, from geology, geophysics, and engineering to operations, supply chain, safety, regulatory compliance and management.

By maintaining a core group for any project, project management team can apply lessons learned on one well to the next well  to optimize operational efficiency. Besides, we have world-wide portfolio of operations which can bring additional savings to the project with our extensive knowledge and expertise.

IPM commercial flexibility allows us to design a remuneration scheme that matches project objectives and aligns with our client’s and project owner’s goals.

Well Construction Project Management (WCPM) – Engineering. View More...

Key activities during the engineering phase are:

  • Well engineering /design /risk analysis and feasibility options.
  • Integration with other disciplines to develop a robust design /program.
  • Mud system design and specification including environmental           considerations.
  • Optimized casing scheme design and specification.
  • Directional drilling design and specification.
  • Data acquisition and evaluation planning.
  • Pore pressure prediction and management (optional).
  • Design of testing and completion.
  • Rig selection and specification.
  • Cost and schedule estimates for both individual wells and programs.

Well Construction Project Management (WCPM) – Execution. View More...

 Key activities during the execution phase are:

  • Mobilization of rig and services and procurement of tangibles/long lead items.
  • Audits/inspection /QA-QC procedures.
  • Peer reviews /DWOP /Pre-Spud Meetings.
  • Drilling the well “safely” and “right” as per the program and as per hole conditions.
  • Online reporting, real time monitoring and managing surprises.
  • Real time integration with subsurface disciplines, operations and asset management.
  • Technical safety and risk management.
  • Drilling management and supervision (both office and field).
  • Supply chain and logistics management (land and marine) and supervision.
  • Real-time cost and schedule management, information and projections.

Drilling Services

Norscot provide solutions for drilling wells safer, faster and more accurately. We optimize drilling efficiency through increasing rate of penetration and lowering non-productive time.

Scope of work. View More...

  • Directional Drilling: extensive experience in drilling the most complex directional wells with conventional, performance, automated and unconventional drilling systems.
  • Drilling Engineering Solutions: custom-engineered, multidiscipline, integrated solutions to help reduce uncertainty mitigate risk and maximize productivity.
  • Measurements while Drilling: Wellbore directional surveys in real time while drilling.
  • Supply complete drilling rigs and equipment.
  • Supply of capable and experienced rig crew personnel.

Reactivation & Refurbishment of Drilling Assets

We provide complete package of refurbishment & reactivation services for different offshore Rigs including re-certification and major upgrades.

Scope of work. View More...

  • Budgeting
  • Project Plan and Supervision
  • Liaison with Class & Completion of classification requirements
  • Provision of specialised crew for refurbishment
  • Drilling Systems, Hull Equipment, Engine Replacement and Re-Power works
  • Rig Upgrades, Re-Activation, Modification and Repair
  • Leg Repair, Replacement, Extension and Strengthening
  • Helideck Construction, Refurbishment, Upgrade or Replacement
  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Engineering, Surveys and Technical Support
  • Material Management.
  • Importation, Customs, Naval & Statutory Clearances.
  • Mobilization of Rig to the field

Offshore Vessel Management

Norscot provides Vessel Management in the safest and most efficient manner possible in order to meet the requirements of ship-owners,flag states, port states, and other stakeholders in full compliance with the International Safety management code.

Our services include. View More...

  • Close interaction between on board personnel and highly experienced shore-based engineering and marine teams
  • Effective planned maintenance and procurement systems
  • Integrated software systems covering all aspects of ship management, including the provision of operational, technical and detailed financial information in a transparent, readily available and secure manner through the BSM ‘Customer Web Access’ portal
  • Safe and efficient cargo handling and conditioning
  • Planned and project maintenance
  • Regular condition assessment
  • Dry dock planning and supervision
  • Budget control
  • Certification and vetting

Offshore Logistic / Supply Shorebase Management

Specialized in providing Integrated Offshore Logistic / Supply Shorebase Management solutions tailored to our Customer specific

Our services include. View More...

  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Tubulars / Casing storage & handling.
  • Specialized in bulk handling and transportation of  mud chemicals / liquids, cements, crude oil, drill & potable water.
  • Heavy lift and over dimension cargoes.
  • Provision and management of  labour, cranes, stevedoring and trained personnel to provide a seamless interface between road and sea transport services.
  • Quarantine management including inspection, preparation and packing.
  • Vessel charter and equipment hire.
  • Provision, coordination and management of Maritime Vessel.

Oil & Gas Support Services

Norscot provides following Oil & Gas Support Services in association with :

North Sea Well Engineering Ltd., (Norwell) – UK. View More...

North Sea Well Engineering Ltd., (Norwell) of UK for Well Engineering, Well Site Supervision and Project Management Consultancy Services. For more details please logon to website : www.norwellengineering.com

Axis Technology Ltd. - UK. View More...

Axis Technology Ltd., of UK, for consultancy solutions in fully-integrated Well Technology and Reservoir Development. For more details please logon to website :www.axis-wt.com

Impact Selector Ltd. - UK. View More...

Impact Selector Ltd., of UK, for well intervention conveyance solutions. For more details please logon to website : www.impactselector.com

Seal-Tite International – USA. View More...

Seal-Tite International of USA, for leak repair services coming from surface, wellhead, cement, subsea & downhole. For more details please logon to website : www.seal-tite.com

Stauper Offshore - Norway. View More...

Stauper CFU internals has a unique water flow pattern that ensures efficient, stable and robust separation of oil and gas from water. Stauper CFU with the patented internals has been proven to reduce oil in water content close to zero PPM. For more details please logon to website : https://stauperoffshore.com

Fire Security – Norway. View More...

Fire Security of Norway, for fire protection coating for electrical cables, cable tray fire protection, passive fire protection, and fireproofing services. For more details please logon to website: www.fire-security.com

Cleartech AS – Norway. View More...

Cleartech AS of Norway, for specialized sample cylinders for oilfield sampling activities. For more details please logon to website : www.cleartech.no

Minox Technology Inc. – Norway. View More...

Minox Technology Inc., of Norway, for compact and reliable water de-aeration solutions. For more details please logon to website : www.minox.no

Intermoor – UK. View More...

Intermoor of UK, for mooring & installation technology. For more details please logon to website : www.intermoor.com

2H Offshore - UK. View More...

2H Offshore of UK, for design, structural analysis and integrity management of riser and conductor systems. For more details please logon to website: www.2hoffshore.com