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Integrated Project Management

Integrated Project Management

Integrated Project Management is a process and expertise driven approach to the management of drilling and completion programs.

Our well construction and completion project team encompasses a wide range of disciplines and job functions, from geology, geophysics, and engineering to operations, supply chain, safety, regulatory compliance and management.

By maintaining a core group for any project, project management team can apply lessons learned on one well to the next well  to optimize operational efficiency. Besides, we have world-wide portfolio of operations which can bring additional savings to the project with our extensive knowledge and expertise.

IPM commercial flexibility allows us to design a remuneration scheme that matches project objectives and aligns with our client’s and project owner’s goals.

v Well Construction Project Management (WCPM) – Preparation

       Key activities during the preparation phase are:

  • Understanding the goals and objectives of the project.
  • Establishing a team of dedicated and competent people in key positions.
  • Offset well data review and establish a structured planning with extensive up-front engineering, risk and contingency planning.
  • Identifying a suitably equipped rig that is fully inspected and set up for performance.
  • Training /Awareness focused on ‘how to stay out of trouble’.
  • Developing a good understanding of local regulations.
  • Establishing HSES policies, procedures and working practices, including training.
  • Establishing supply chain management process as per Company policy for simultaneous working and fast track process.

v Well Construction Project Management (WCPM) – Engineering

       Key activities during the engineering phase are:

  • Well engineering /design /risk analysis and feasibility options.
  • Integration with other disciplines to develop a robust design /program.
  • Mud system design and specification including environmental considerations.
  • Optimized casing scheme design and specification.
  • Directional drilling design and specification.
  • Data acquisition and evaluation planning.
  • Pore pressure prediction and management (optional).
  • Design of testing and completion.
  • Rig selection and specification.
  • Cost and schedule estimates for both individual wells and programs.

v Well Construction Project Management (WCPM) – Execution

       Key activities during the execution phase are:

  • Mobilization of rig and services and procurement of tangibles/long lead items.
  • Audits/inspection /QA-QC procedures.
  • Peer reviews /DWOP /Pre-Spud Meetings.
  • Drilling the well “safely” and “right” as per the program and as per hole conditions.
  • Online reporting, real time monitoring and managing surprises.
  • Real time integration with subsurface disciplines, operations and asset management.
  • Technical safety and risk management.
  • Drilling management and supervision (both office and field).
  • Supply chain and logistics management (land and marine) and supervision.
  • Real-time cost and schedule management, information and projections.